Artists Living In Another Society

ALIAS LDN acronym for (Artists Living In Another Society) is a London based dance theatre company that actively challenges and awakens social and political perceptions within modern society through Street dance culture.

Led by Artistic Director Christopher Reyes, the company’s’ mission aims to empower individualism in choreography and the revival of culture within the UK dance community using art as a medium.

CARAVAN IMMERSIVE – The Drinking Game Fast pace bottle action Choreographed by Artistic Director, Christopher Reyes

Established in 2008, Alias LDN has created work both in and outside the theatre world as a means to increase the need for art within the london dance community. Projects such as, Social night – a collaborative night of live music and dance and Award winning People’s Choice award, CARAVAN has influenced and increased awareness of hip hop culture within theatre.

At present, Alias LDN is working to support local communities by working alongside creative organisations in hopes to reach out to new and current generations exploring art on a dance and music level.